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We can accept digital files from either Macintosh or PC platform applications compatible to those we use on our Mac network. We keep our applications base up to date with the latest versions for Mac OS X:

  • Adobe Illustrator CS2
  • Adobe InDesign CS2
  • Adobe PageMaker 7.0 (only runs on OS 9)
  • Adobe Photoshop CS2
  • Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Microsoft Publisher please call
  • QuarkXpress 7.0
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • PC files created in Corel Draw can be accepted if converted to pdf or Adobe Illustrator (.ai) with fonts converted to curves.


  • Files for placemants require 5/16 (.312) margin on all sides.
  • All label jobs require a minimum 1/8 inch (.125) margin on all sides.
  • A minimum 1/8 inch (.125) is the minimum bleed amount.
  • Always include all artwork and fonts with your electronic documents.
  • Please note these restrictions:
    1. We cannot accept Microsoft Publisher files for press. Please convert these to pdf or postscript file.
    2. Photos, logos, etc. copied from a website are usually not print quality and will not be acceptable for output.
    3. Please convert all native RGB files to separateable spot color, cmyk, bitmap, duotone, or grayscale as is appropriate to the type of print file you are submitting.
    4. Do not use True Type, dFont, or Multimaster fonts. They are not postscript fonts and will delay your print job as they will require conversion (at an additional charge) to run on our postscript compatible equipment.
  • All digitally submitted files should be accompanied by matching hard copy. In many cases a fax copy is sufficient. Please supply composite and color separations as applicable.
  • When submitting a print job in .pdf format, please be sure to imbed the fonts and save the color aspect of the job—spot or cmyk.
  • Actual bold, italic and bold italic typefaces must be used in the electronic file. Do not "click on" these styles in the measurement, control, or character palette of the application. The bold, italic and bold italic for each typeface must be submitted with the electronic file and used in the supplied document.
  • Our equipment is set for 120 lpi (lines per inch) line screen. Although it is not necessary to change the settings in files, keep this in mind when setting type over screens. Screens may darken when output at this high resolution. We recommend screens under type do not exceed 25%.
  • Allow for darker type to overprint lighter type (as in drop shadows), screens, and objects where possible. This will make for better trapping. Manually trap any vector art where possible, especially in spot color work.
  • Scanned and digital images should be a native minimum of 300 dpi up to 8.5 x 11 inches. (72 dpi images boosted to 300 dpi in photo manipulation software will still output as 72 dpi images.)

Please Note: Additional charges will be applied to files that do not separate correctly or require alteration to output or that do not conform to any of these guidelines.

Please feel free to contact our graphics department for additional information and setup guidelines. We are happy to supply further information or common templates (tri-fold brochures, business cards, newsletters, etc.) to assist you.


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